Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Reflecting on Junior Year

Honestly, junior year pretty much sucked. Academically, that is. I realized that everyone was telling the truth when they said your junior year in high school will, without a doubt, be your hardest year. BUT, amidst all the suckiness, there was my art class. I'm glad I had this class last period, because I used it as an asset in numerous ways. One, to let out all my stress caused by all my previous classes, and two, to better my art skills, like drawing and painting. I feel as if I have really improved with my art, and it has shown outside of school. My free-drawings that I do at home now look much better, due to all the techniques I've been reminded of this year in art. What I'm most proud of though is my time capsule and how well it came out...especially because I did it all by hand! No stencils, no pictures, nothing. Just my creativity at it's finest. I was skeptical about taking art for my junior year, but I'm glad I did. From my very first attempt at the bicycle drawing to the pages of my book, I am proud to say the quality of my work has really shown improvement. 

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  1. I won't be feisty. I enjoyed this year with you ginger :)