Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Inspired by a Cookie

Whenever I open a fortune cookie and read the fortune, I never really think much of them. On occasion, I'll come across a fortune that kind of relates to a situation I'll be dealing with, but that doesn't happen very often. But, when we were assigned to pick out six fortune cookies and use the fortunes inside as a basis of our next project, I came across a fortune that reminded me of the darkest part of my life that I went through a few months ago. 
*you should be able to undertake and accomplish anything.*
In January of 2013, I went through a period of severe depression. The worst part of the depression lasted for about 5 months, and even though I've gotten through most of it, sometimes I feel as if it's coming back to haunt me another time. I went through depression at the end of 2011, but it wasn't as severe as last year's. However, even though I don't like talking about what I went through and the mental and physical problems I endured, I'm not ashamed to admit that at one point, I had those problems. How does this all relate to the fortune I received? I undertook the depression, and I accomplished getting through what I thought I would be haunted by for the rest of my life.
The two wrists with "Stay Strong" written on them were inspired by the Demi Lovato's "Stay Strong" tattoo. The numbers scattered on the paper come from the numbers on the fortunes I received. There are negative words written in blue that one thinks when they're suffering from depression, such as pain, loneliness, and emptiness. In white, there are positive words one thinks when coming out of depression, such as happiness, love, and most importantly, hope. 
I thought I would get over what caused me to be depressed and have all those mental and physical problems. But I did it. And I'm glad I was handed this fortune so that I could show, in artwork, that I accomplished defeating my depression. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Letting Go

For this assignment, we were asked what we think of when we hear the word: "celebrity." Many people think of fame, money, flashing lights, makeup, and some of their favorite singers and actors. I think of that too, but I also think of what's lying under all the makeup and airbrushed pictures- a real person who makes mistakes just like the rest of us. We then had to take what we thought of, and create a collage. However, we weren't keeping the first collage.
Starting off a collage that I wouldn't be keeping was actually very difficult. I had to find pictures from magazines that I thought would be easy for the next person to work with. I managed to figure out how to make a base for the first collage, and then when we passed that one on, we received another. We worked on the started collages that we received for two days, and then received what would be "our" collages. 
When I first saw what I was given, I had NO idea what I was supposed to do. I didn't know where to start or what to cover up or what to enhance. I didn't know how to keep going on something that I didn't start. However, after a while, I just began painting over things and plastering things down, and I went from there. I have to say, I am pretty proud of the final outcome of my collage. The entire process of starting one collage, giving it away, receiving one that was already started, working on that and then giving it away, and receiving a third collage that wasn't my own also reminded me of a life lesson I've been handed multiple times. Life is going to hand you situations that you don't know how to react to- you may be put in the middle of something you didn't start, or you may start something that someone else will eventually have to finish. But no matter what problems you may be given from someone or something else, you have to figure out how to finish it, even if at first you have no idea where to begin. 

⚓️Anchor's Away⚓️

When I was in art class in eighth grade, we were given an assignment to make a rubber stamp. We would draw our designs on paper, and rub the paper drawing-side down onto a rubber stamp, and then use cutting tools to cut away at the rubber. I don't remember my exact design, but all I remember is that it had hearts and stars and very little thought was put into the design. 
However, this year, I got to redeem myself with my stamp making. 
To say I was excited when we were told that we would be making stamps again would be an understatement. I was ecstatic. We could either pick an object from the "Blue" project we did, or pick something of another color. I thought for a while about what type of print I would make, and then when I was rummaging through my jewelry box, it hit me. 
I decided to draw the anchor charm from a necklace that I got over the summer. I drew the anchor on a small piece of paper that matched the size of the rubber stamp. After darkening the picture, I rubbed it drawing-side down onto the stamp, and a faint outline was present. I went over the outline with a dark pencil, and then started cutting away at the rubber. 
I've always loved the beach and the shore, and that's something I think of when I see an anchor. Anchors to me also represent stability and a firm ground, as well as a symbol showing a "refusal to sink." In my mind, that means refusing to let the bad things in life pull you under. Anchors are heavy, obviously, and they sink, but when I see an anchor, I think of all the times I managed to overcome the bad things in life that were pulling me under and trying to drown me.