Tuesday, January 21, 2014

⚓️Anchor's Away⚓️

When I was in art class in eighth grade, we were given an assignment to make a rubber stamp. We would draw our designs on paper, and rub the paper drawing-side down onto a rubber stamp, and then use cutting tools to cut away at the rubber. I don't remember my exact design, but all I remember is that it had hearts and stars and very little thought was put into the design. 
However, this year, I got to redeem myself with my stamp making. 
To say I was excited when we were told that we would be making stamps again would be an understatement. I was ecstatic. We could either pick an object from the "Blue" project we did, or pick something of another color. I thought for a while about what type of print I would make, and then when I was rummaging through my jewelry box, it hit me. 
I decided to draw the anchor charm from a necklace that I got over the summer. I drew the anchor on a small piece of paper that matched the size of the rubber stamp. After darkening the picture, I rubbed it drawing-side down onto the stamp, and a faint outline was present. I went over the outline with a dark pencil, and then started cutting away at the rubber. 
I've always loved the beach and the shore, and that's something I think of when I see an anchor. Anchors to me also represent stability and a firm ground, as well as a symbol showing a "refusal to sink." In my mind, that means refusing to let the bad things in life pull you under. Anchors are heavy, obviously, and they sink, but when I see an anchor, I think of all the times I managed to overcome the bad things in life that were pulling me under and trying to drown me.

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