Friday, November 15, 2013

A Blue Society

At the beginning of the week, we were all given a piece of paper and asked to write down a color - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple, and whatever the winning color was, that would be out theme for our installation. Since blue is my favorite color, that's what I wrote down. Turns out, a lot of people wrote down blue, and that was the color that got the most votes. Each one of us was supposed to bring in any two items that were blue to contribute to our installation. Our small installation was mimicking what  artist Portia Munson does for a living; she takes various objects of certain colors and piles them together. However, our installation is a little more than a bunch of blue things piled together. It reflects the society we live in. 
In the picture that I took of our installation, we see various things like a ball, makeup, perfume, a ball, a belt, paint, and other little items. How does this reflect society? The ball and the paint isn't what I'm pointing towards. I'm talking about the makeup, body spray, the belt, and the iPhone case. The makeup, belt, and body spray all support the fact that we care way too much about our appearances these days, because we have the fear that we will be judged on what we look like and not our personalities. We have every right to that fear, because of the very fact that it is true. People in today's world, including myself, are judged by what we look like and not how we act. I'm judged because I have red hair, because red hair isn't "normal." Appearance is all that matters to society these days, and I'm proud to say that I don't judge people on what they look like, I judge them on their personalities and how they act towards me as well as others. As for the iPhone case in the picture, it represents our ever-growing advances of technology. Soon enough, paper will probably go out of style, and everything will be written on iPads and computers. Even in school, we've started turning essays and homework in and doing presentations on the computer or the iPads. It's ridiculous. Everything is so fast paced now a days, and technology only makes it worse. People need to stop and think about the effect this technology is going to have on the world. Social media has played a big part in my last comment about how people are judged and bullied on how they look. I've had that happen to me multiple times. Everyone just needs to stop and think about how all of this is going to effect everyone, because for all we know, we could be running our world into the ground; while we think these advances are doing us good, they could really be destroying us. And we wouldn't even know. 

Portia Munson's work:

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